Digital transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution discussed at a OSCE meeting in Prague.

At the annual Prague meeting of the OSCE Economic and Environmental Dimension (EED), the Permanent Representative of Iceland stated that Digital transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution were issues which every Government and multilateral organization had to come to terms with. The EED forum gathering on 4th September under the headline  „Promoting economic progress and security in the OSCE area through innovation, human capital development and good public and corporate governance“, dealt mainly with digital transformation.
The Permanent Representative, Mr guðni Bragason, mentioned that the Policy Declaration of the Government of Iceland stipulated new action on innovation. Accordingly, a new policy on innovation was being formed for the coming decade where digitalization featured prominently, as well as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Icelandic authorities work according to a Policy on Web and Information Security for the years 2015 – 2026.
Iceland cooperates with its closest partners on digital matters. The Nordic Council of Ministers has launched an initiative on the digitalization in several field of government and public services. This rests on a Nordic-Baltic Ministerial Declaration on the so-called Digital North, which was adopted in April last year in Oslo.

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