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Iceland enjoys some of the best fresh materials in the world.
Icelandic fish is renowned for its quality, caught in unpolluted waters, harvested in a responsible manner, and produced to the highest standards. Icelandic lamb is also a source of pride, bred in clean natural environment and known for its tender and tasteful meat. "Skyr," a dairy-based product similar to yoghurt, made popular by its fresh taste and high-protein / low-fat levels, is another unique delicacy awaiting you in Iceland.
As Iceland adopted to foreign influences in the 20th century, these, and other, fresh ingredients have become the staple of a proud food culture. Icelandic cuisine is at once both deeply rooted in traditions and inspired by the elements of the New Nordic Cuisine movement. Icelandic restaurants enjoy some of the purest materials available, bred and caught in an unpolluted natural environment. Find a restaurant to your liking on 
In Iceland, food, culture and traditon are closely intertwined. In order to survive under harsh conditions, Icelanders preserved food by means of either fermentation, typically in whey or brine, and in some cases smoked. Traditional Icelandic food is celebrated during the ancient month of "Thorri." 

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