Horse Parade and Day of the Icelandic Horse

30.04.2017 - 01.05.2017

The Big Picture

Sunday, April 30 - Horse parade from Hallgrímskirkja to Austurvöllur.
The annual horse parade through the city center is always a sight to see! The parade will commence at 1 pm at Hallgrímskirkja with festivities. The ride will end in Austurvöllur (the parliment square), where you have the chance to meet the horses and riders!

May 1 - Day of the Icelandic horse
Owners of the Icelandic horse all over the world have been encouraged to organise an Open House day at their stables and share photos and videos of the day with the hashtag #horsesoficeland. People are encouraged to share their moments with fans all over the world by posting photos/videos on their preferred social media with the hashtag #horsesoficeland. The best picture/video uploaded on Horses of Iceland Facebook page, will win a 3-day trip in Iceland, sponsored by Hey Iceland and Horses of Iceland!

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