Report on the progress in the implementation of the management response to the gender policy evaluation

Mr. President,

I have the honour to deliver this statement on behalf of the following six countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Liberia, Malawi and Norway.

After examining the report on progress in the implementation of the management response to the gender policy evaluation and the matrix, it is our conclusion that UNICEF has responded well to the gender policy evaluation recommendations. We find the surveys on gender mainstreaming conducted in 2009 and planned for May 2010 to be an innovative way of establishing a baseline for the mainstreaming efforts. This should enable the organisation to track the progress and report the outcome to Board meetings in the future. We also appreciate the actions UNICEF has taken in response to the evaluation results, in order to strengthen gender mainstreaming in humanitarian work.

The report is mainly focused on internal organisational processes and the results reporting in the matrix are very much focused on inclusion of gender in analysis and plans. While these are clearly important achievements, it is crucial that the mainstreaming efforts be linked to concrete and measurable goals for gender equality in the operations of UNICEF. Furthermore, this should be institutionalised in a way that will make the Fund able to report on results at country and regional levels. We are pleased that the MTSP key result matrix and indicators include gender equality results and encourage UNICEF to continue these efforts at country level.

Women’s rights are human rights. Moreover, gender equality and women’s empowerment are key enablers of development, and as such preconditions for the successful achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Therefore, it is one of our core responsibilities as the Executive Board to raise gender to the level it deserves in relation to UNICEF’s core mandate.

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