Vopnaviðskiptasamningur - ATT - Sameiginlegt ávarp

Adoption of the ATT by the General Assembly

A Joint Political Declaration delivered by Mexico

New York, 2 April 2013


Mr. President,


I am delivering this political declaration on behalf of the following States, without prejudice of their own individual views:


Mr. President,


Today the General Assembly has made a historic achievement: it has adopted the Arms Trade Treaty. This would not have been possible without the hard work of the President of the Final UN Conference on the ATT, Ambassador Peter Woolcott, and of his team, as well as of the Facilitators, who for the last two weeks conducted the negotiation process in an open and transparent manner.  


After years of hard work culminating today, we have produced a strong text that fulfills the mandate given to us by this General Assembly. We believe that an effective implementation of this Treaty will make a real difference for the people of the world.


This Treaty prohibits conventional arms transfers when they would violate relevant international treaty obligations, including those contained in human rights treaties. The Treaty also prohibits all transfers of arms that would be used in the commission of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes in all types of armed conflict.


Any transfer that has the potential to lead to negative consequences, such as serious violations of human rights or international humanitarian law, shall not be authorized. Furthermore, the risk of diversion has to be assessed.


The Treaty would allow us to regulate all international transfers of all conventional arms. National control lists should be comprehensive.


The Treaty enhances transparency and strengthens accountability by making key information available.


We know that the final text does not fully meet everyone’s expectations. However, the Treaty enables us to make it stronger, and through its implementation, to adapt it to future developments. We look forward to working with all future State Parties to make it so.


This is just the beginning. The hard work starts now. We must secure the rapid entry into force of this historic Treaty and implement it as soon as possible.


At the beginning of this process we set out to make a real difference in people’s lives. This continues to be our commitment, which we will carry out through the implementation of this Treaty.


Thank you.

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