Live: Jón Gnarr and Penny Rimbaud at the Idler Academy
Following his recently published memoir Gnarr! How I Became the Mayor of a Large City in Iceland and Changed the World, the former mayor of Reykjavik, Jón Gnarr, will appear at the Idler Academy with his hero Penny Rimbaud, founder of punk-band Crass...
The Improvised History of the World
The Improvised History of the World is an interactive, immersive musical show with music written by three promising international composers, including Icelander Gunnar Karel Másson
W.G. Collingwood's Letters from Iceland
The non-profit charity the R. G. Collingwood Society recently published the book W. G. Collingwood's Letters from Iceland - Travels in Iceland 1987 by W.G. Collingwood and Jón Stefánsson.

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