The Egill Skallagrimsson Fund

The Egill Skallagrímsson Fund is a registered charity in Britain under the auspices of the Embassy of Iceland. The main objective of the Fund is to promote the culture and art of Iceland in the United Kingdom and for this purpose it provides financial support for artistic endeavours. The first grant was awarded to The Icelandic Take Away Theatre to support the performance of the play "The Lemon Sisters" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 1997.

Grants are awarded annually in November. Grants are usually given on the basis of artistic merit and financial need. Applications must reach the Embassy on 31 October the latest. Applications can be sent by email or hard copy, please see contact details below. A short report will be required from all recipients of grants upon completion of the project.

Application forms can also be obtained from:

Embassy of Iceland
2A Hans Street - Map
London SW1X 0JE
Tel: 44-20-7259-3999
Fax: 44-20-7245-9649

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