Round table on Russian Language and Russian Culture in Iceland - August 27-30

The Society for the Russian–Icelandic Friendship (ODRI) and the Society for Cultural Relations with Russia «MIR» will host a round table "Russian Language and Russian Culture in Iceland" in Reykjavík August 27-30 2013.


August 27. 11-00. (Hverfisgata St 105, "MIR" office). Round table "Russian Language and Russian Culture in Iceland." Participants of the round table:  Ambassador of Russian Federation to Iceland Andrey Tsiganov, Chair  of «MIR» Society Haukur Ívar Jónsson, President of the  Iceland Club  Elena Barinova.  Papers will be given by Prof. Helgi Haraldsson, Prof. Vitaly Kostomarov, Árni Bergmann, Áslaug Thorlacius, Jónas Tryggvason, Rebekka Þráinsdóttir, Andrey Korovin, Olga Markelova  .  Moderator - Jón Ólafsson.

16-00. Marina Yuzhaninova will introduce to  the project "Northern Travelling Film Festival”   Demonstration of a documentary film "Journey to Iceland”(1955).

August 28. 12-00. (Arngrímsgata St. 3, the National Library of Iceland). Event “Crossroads of Languages”. Prof. Vitaly Kostomarov’s lecture "Russian language in the beginning of 21st century." Reedings of Sigurður Pálsson´s lyrics in Icelandic and Russian translations.

August 29. 18-00. (Hverfisgata St.105, "MIR" office). Event Russian characters in a documentary films about the polar explorers, pilots and astronauts". Demonstration of Jury Salnikov’s films "Cheluskin’s  Epic", "To Remember Gagarin", "Iceland, 1974".

August 30. 18-00.  ( Hverfisgata St. 54, BIOPARADIZ). Event "Russian Cinema and Russian Language". Demonstration of new Russian movie "Iron Road" (2007).

The roundtable was organized with the support of the Foundation "Russian World", the Embassy of Russian Federation to Iceland and the Icelandic Embassy to Russia.

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