Driving Licence

As from 1 July 1996 a valid Icelandic driving licence is valid in EU/EEA. There is no need for an international driving licence or a Norwegian driving licence. However the Norwegian Police department asks that if you have resident in Norway for more than six months and intentions on staying you should return you Icelandic driver licence in exchange for a Norwegian driving licence.  

Application for a Driving Licence

You can apply for a new driving licence at the Embassy if your driving licence has expired, has been stolen or lost. Those, who are resident in Norway, should note that they can apply for a Norwegian driving licence at Statens Vegvesen, Trafikkstasjon (biltilsynet). The address of Statens Vegvesen in Oslo is: Statens Vegvesen i Oslo, Trafikkstasjon (biltilsynet), Østre Aker vei 50, 0513 Oslo (Risløkka), tlf. 2207 4300.

The office is open Monday-Friday 9:00 - 16:00

Embassy of Iceland
Stortingsgata 30,
0244 Oslo

Tel: (47) 2323-7533
Fax: (47) 2283-0704
E-mail: icemb.oslo@mfa.is
Web: www.island.no

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