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Icelandic Consuls

Iceland has always had good consular representatives in the Faroe Islands. The first Icelandic Consul in the Faroes was the entrepreneur Mr. Páll Ólafsson. He was appointed Consul on 3 September 1947. His commission letter hangs on the wall of the Consulate General in Torshavn,  signed by Mr. Sveinn Björnsson President of Iceland and Mr. Bjarni Benediktsson, Minister for Foreign Affairs. The letter is a gift to the Consulate General from his daughter, Ms. Ólöf Pálsdóttir, sculptor.

Páll was born in Lund in Lundareykjadal on 30 August 1887. He was very active in business and fishing, first in Iceland and later in Denmark. From Denmark he moved to the Faroe Islands in 1939 and stayed there until the end of the war when he moved back to Denmark and later to Iceland. Paul’s wife was  Ms. Hildur Stefánsdóttir. Among their children, in addition to Ólöf mentioned earlier, who later became the wife of Mr. Sigurður Bjarnson, editor and Ambassador, was Ms. Ingibjörg Pálsdóttir, wife of Mr. Pétur Eggerz, Ambassador.

Mr. Páll Ólafsson was Consul of Iceland until 1956 when Mr. Trygvi Samuelsen took over the position of Consul and he held that position for 29 years. Trygvi was a lawyer and an influential figure in politics in the Faroe Islands. For most of the time he held a seat at the Parliament for the Sambandsflokkur Party. He first became Member of Parliament from 1943-46. Later he served without interruption from 1949-74. He sat on the town council in Tórshavn 1936-64.

In 1985, Mr. Poul Mohr was appointed Consul in the Faeroes. He retired on 1 April 2007 when the Consulate General opened headed by a diplomat from Iceland. Mr. Poul Mohr, like his predecessors, was very successful in his consular work as Consul of Iceland in the Faroes. The Icelandic Foreign Service is deepy indebted to him and his wife, Ms. Anna Mohr. Poul, who was born in 1929, was for many years the director of the shipbuilding company in Tórshavn. Many Icelandic fishing companies did business with him. Poul is a great friend of Iceland, often travels there where he has many friends. He knows many people in Iceland and is well versed in Icelandic affairs, particularly Icelandic literature.


List of Icelandic Consuls


Consuls (Honorary)

1947-56: Mr. Páll Ólafsson

1956-85: Mr. Trygvi Samuelsen

1985-2007: Mr. Poul Mohr


Consuls General (sent from Iceland)

2007-09: Mr. Eiður S. Guðnason

2009-11: Mr. Albert Jónsson

2012-16: Mr. Þórður Bjarni Guðjónsson

2016 until present: Mr. Pétur Thorsteinsson

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