Nordic commitment to green growth

Nordic commitment to green growth "The Nordic countries have every opportunity to be world leaders in innovative and climate-friendly energy. Investments in environmental technology and the sustainable use of energy resources will also create positive opportunities for growth," the Icelandic Prime Minister, Johanna Sigurdardottir, told a press conference held by the Nordic prime ministers on Thursday.

Prime ministers unanimous in support of Iceland

Prime ministers unanimous in support of Iceland The Nordic prime ministers fully support Iceland and are committed to helping the country out of its economic crisis, they told a press conference at the Blue Lagoon after their meeting on Thursday during the two-day Nordic Globalisation Forum.

Iceland will honor its obligations - Interview with Gylfi Magnusson, Minister for Business Affairs

Iceland will honor its obligations - Interview with Gylfi Magnusson, Minister for Business Affairs Gylfi Magnússon, Iceland's Minister for Business Affairs, reiterates in an Interview with the German newspaper, die Welt, that the Icelandic Government will honour its legal obligations abroad; the assets of Kaupthing Edge in Germany will almost certainly be sufficient for paying off depositors.

New Icelandic government formed - policy declaration

A Government of the Social Democratic Alliance and the Left-Green Movement took office on 1 February 2009. The economic policy of the Government will be based on the programme already established by the authorities and the International Monetary Fund, IMF.  The two parties agree on the importance of holding early elections, set for 25 April 2009. MORE ...

Agreed Guidelines Reached on Deposit Guarantees

Significant progress has been made towards solving the differences on the interpretation of legal obligations with respect to deposit guarantees in the European Economic Area. >>>


Iceland Launches Economic Stabilisation Plan in Conjunction with IMF

The Icelandic Government has reached an agreement ad referendum with a mission from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on a comprehensive stabilisation program.



The Global Liquidity Crisis and the Economic Turmoil in Iceland

  The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has published the following basic facts about the Icelandic economy... >>>

The Consular Affairs Unit of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The Consular Affairs Unit of th Ministry for Foreign Affair's "Borgarathjonusta" is responsible for the safeguarding of the interests and safety of Icelandic citizens abroad. The unit can be reached throughout the year, 24 hours a day, undir the ponenumer +354-5459900 or under the homepage: http://www.utanrikisraduneyti.is/borgarathjonusta. The Ministry's consular service unit, Embassies of Iceland and around 240 Honorary Consuls of Iceland around the world are within reach at . Under the link "Embassies jurisdiction" you will find information on the jurisdiction of the Embassies around the world.

Iceland's Economic Climate

Over the past two weeks, economic developments took a sharp turn for the worse in Iceland. The country’s three main commercial banks, Glitnir, Landsbanki and Kaupthing, collapsed owing to the financial storm now raging in international markets and the government has resorted to exceptional measures to stabilize the situation. http://www.mfa.is/speeches-and-articles/nr/4500

The Foreign Minister addresses Parliament

Today, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Ms. Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladótir, delivered her first foreign policy speech to Althingi, the Parliament of Iceland. In her address, Ms. Gísladóttir discussed Iceland's foreign policy challenges with a special focus on Iceland´s role in a globalized world.


WTO Doha Development Agenda Global Trust Fund

Iceland donates CHF 60,000 to the WTO Doha Development Agenda Global Trust Fund (DDAGTF)


Declaration of Cooperation between EFTA and Peru

On 24 April 2006 Vice Minister of Trade and Industry Jorge A. Flor from Peru and the EFTA Ambassadors in Geneva signed a declaration of cooperation . . .


Iceland in the Chair of the EFTA Council in first half of 2006

Iceland in the Chair of the EFTA Council in first half of 2006 Formennska Íslands í EFTA ráðinu fyrri hluta árs 2006
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