Government & Authorities

Government of Iceland-Icelandic Ministries

Foreign Ministry of Iceland

The Icelandic Foreign Service

The Information Society in Iceland

Parliament of Iceland

Icelandic Meteorological Office

The National Energy Authority

The Nordic Volcanological Institute

National Land Survey of Iceland

The Icelandic Forest Service

Agricultural Research Institute

The Directorate of Customs

Technological Institute of Iceland

The Marine Research Institute

The Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories

The Directorate of Fisheries

Iceland State Electricity

Icelandic Civil avation Administration

The Financial Supervisory Authority

The Social Security Institute

Directorate of Immigration

The Icelandic Police

Internal Revenue Directorate


Tourist Board of Iceland

City of Reykjavík

Visit Reykjavík

What's on in Iceland


Bus Terminal Timetable

Randburg on-line travel guide to Iceland


The University of Iceland

Univ.Iceland: Office of International Education

National and University Library of Iceland

The University of Akureyri

Icelandic University of Education

Hvanneyri Agricultural University

Bifröst School of Business

Reykjavík University


Statistics Iceland

Central Bank of Iceland


Trade Council of Iceland

Federation of Icelandic Industries

Icelandic Exporters

Iceland Chamber of Commerce

Confederation of Icelandic Employers

Confederation of Icelandic Wholesalers

MFA- Business Overseas Service

Invest in Iceland Agency

New Business Venture Fund


Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (Rúv-TV)

Channel 2 (Stöd 2)



Daily News from Iceland (in English)


Moving to Iceland

Leigulistinn- to rent an apartment

Icelandic for foreigners

Traditions / Culture

Virtually Virtual Iceland

Christmas in Iceland

Reykjavík Arts Festival

The Writers Union of Iceland

The Icelandic Film Fund

The Icelandic Musicians Union

The Icelandic Music Page

Icelandic Symphony Orchestra

Culture net Iceland

The Nordic House

The Culture House

Heritage Contacts

Icelandic National League of North of America with links to local Clubs

New Iceland Heritage Museum, Gimli

The Icelandic Canadian Magazine

The Icelandic Emigration Centre, Iceland

Art Museums / Galleries

National Gallery of Iceland

Reykjavík Municipal Art Museum

Akureyri Art Museum

The Icelandic Labour Federation´s Art Gallery

The Living Art Museum

Fine Art Iceland

National / Folk Museums

National Museum of Iceland

Icelandic Institute of Natural History

Árbaejarsafn- Open-Air Folk Museum

Icelandic Emigration Center at Hofsós (Museum)

The Herring Era Museum in Siglufjörður

Video Gallery

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